Help your neurodiverse child learn about their incredible hands and fingers, what they can mean and how to use them.

Author, Sign-Language Interpreter, caregiver for the neurodiverse and all around advocate for the incredible neurodiverse people of this world, Alina Eady is dedicated to making fun, educational material specially for those who need it most. She graduated with a major in Sign Language Interpretation from Moraine Valley Community College in May 2018 and has since gained experience as an ABA Therapist, Paraprofessional, and Personal Caregiver.

Releasing her first collection of helpful books for parents and caregivers, Finger Family Vol 1-3 launches in December! Starting as a story for a special young boy she was caring for, it's grown into a three book series demonstrating the power of inclusivity, diversity, play-based therapy and joy. These books serve as a powerful tool to empower parents caregivers to provide the best level of care and help them connect with their neurodiverse child.

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Our flagship series, Finger Family exemplifies this, showing diverse representation in a colorful and understandable book to teach children about their fingers and everything they can do with these amazing tools.

By providing and curating these resources for caregivers and parents, we seek to empower their ability to provide the best care and therapy to these deserving children, enriching both of their lives and nurturing rewarding relationships.

By utilizing joyful and play-based therapies, training and resources, we strive to foster engagement, communication and support with, for and around neurodiverse children.

Neurodiverse Nexus is a growing and inclusive hub dedicated to providing and curating the best resources for neurodiverse children and their caregivers. Even as awareness grows of the neurodiverse, resources and support lag behind, especially for children.

Often, caregivers lack the specialized resources they need. When they are equipped with the right resources and knowledge, they can provide better care and support to the neurodiverse children in their lives, leading to improved outcomes. 

As a small team with a big goal, we need all the help we can get. If you know of helpful resources, please feel free to Contact Us and share that information.
If you Order Finger Family, all proceeds go directly to growing the Nexus and helping to curate and share more resources for Neurodivergent children and their families.

For all other suggestions and inquiries, please Contact Us. Thank you for all you do in helping make this world a better place for everyone.

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No matter how trying our situation or stressful our lives, we all deserve and need to laugh. We cherish the moments we can bring a smile and seek to provide joy to all we help and serve.


There is no one look for a neurodiverse child or their family. We want to show the breadth and depth of people, being inclusive in our selection of resources and products and throwing prejudice out the window.


By collecting and utilizing these resources, we believe we can empower caregivers, parents and children to reach their full potential. Empowered - never held back.


Neurodiverse children deserve incredible support and so do their parents and caregivers. We are dedicated to curating and offering the best resources and services for these awe-inspiring families.




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